The AEP Climate Change Committee was formed in 2007 and consists of leaders of climate action planning practices from consulting firms and agencies that have lead many of the local GHG reduction planning efforts across California. The Committee focuses on advancing the professional practice of local climate action planning through periodic publication of white papers and conference presentations, as well as interaction with state, regional and local agencies.

AEP 2016 Final White Paper tnOctober 2016 - Beyond Newhall and 2020: A Field Guide to New CEQA Greenhouse Gas Thresholds and Climate Action Plan Targets in California

The purpose of this white paper is to suggest defensible GHG thresholds for use in CEQA analyses and GHG reduction targets (respectively) in climate action plans (CAPs), in light of the change in focus on the 20130 reduction targets and in questions raised in the Newhall Ranch holding.

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Past White Papers

July 2015 - "TAKING CEQA FORWARD" RESULTS FROM THE 2015 AEP INSTITUTE EVENT Download PDF (Appendix C Supporting Materials)

Mar 2015 - Beyond 2020: The Challenges of Greenhouse Gas Reduction Planning by Local Governments in California Download PDF

Dec 2013 - The California Supplement to the United States Community-wide Greenhouse Gas Emissions Protocol Download PDF

May 2012 - Senate Bill 375 Consistency and CEQA Download PDF

May 2012 - Forecasting Community-wide Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Setting Reduction Targets Download PDF

Jun 2011 - California Community-wide Greenhouse Gas Baseline Inventory Protocol Download PDF

Aug 2009 - Comments on Proposed Amendments to the California Environmental Quality Act Guidelines for Greenhouse Gas Emissions as required by Senate Bill 97 Download PDF

Jun 2007 - Alternative Approaches to Analyzing Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Global Climate Change in CEQA Documents Download PDF

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