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Elections 2019

2019 AEP Elections – Nominees and Statements of Interest

Please take this opportunity to review the Statements of Interest for the upcoming AEP Election.

The following AEP State positions are up for vote:
  • President
  • Executive VP
  • Administrative VP
  • NAEP Liaison
  • Director-at-Large
Ballots will be sent out to members on October 15th

2019 AEP Board of Directors

Candidate Statements

Name: William Halligan, Esq.
Position of Interest: AEP President

My name is William Halligan, Esq. I have been an active member of the Association of Environmental Professionals (AEP) since I began my career over 30 years ago. From January 2011 to December 2014, and from January 2016 to present, I have served on the AEP State Board of Directors as Executive Vice President. As Executive Vice President, I am responsible for assisting the President with overall management of the corporation, development of Board meeting agendas, supervision of membership coordination and administration, and serve as the Chair of the Legislative Review Committee and the Permanent Conference Committee. Prior to joining the State Board, I served at the local chapter level as Orange County Chapter President and Chapter Director for nearly 10 years. I also served as Conference Chairman for the highly successful 2006 AEP State Conference in Newport Beach.

My professional experience includes over 30 years as a CEQA practitioner and over 17 years as an attorney. I earned my Juris Doctorate degree specializing in environmental and land use law from the Chapman University School of Law. In addition to my involvement with AEP, I am an active member of the Orange County Bar Association. I serve as a frequent guest lecturer on CEQA and associated case law for AEP’s CEQA Workshop Series, UC Irvine’s Graduate School of Management Program, UC Riverside, and Cal Poly, Pomona. My diverse background provides me with a unique understanding of the issues facing our profession.

I would like to continue my service to AEP as President. I am a CEQA practitioner and attorney with exceptional knowledge of the environmental profession. I have years of experience with AEP and understand the issues facing our organization. I would appreciate your vote for me, William Halligan, to serve a two-year term as President of AEP.

Name: Mindy Fogg
Position of Interest: Executive Vice President

I am a Senior Supervisor/Project Manager with Rincon Consultants. I have over 17 years of experience as a Land Use/Environmental Planner and CEQA Practitioner in both the public and private sectors. Since 2007 I’ve been an active AEP member and have greatly benefitted from this organization’s dedication to the environmental profession. I served on the San Diego Chapter Board from 2008 to 2015, both as Vice President of Membership and Chapter Director. At the chapter level, I focused much of my efforts on retaining members, recruiting new members, and organizing/facilitating the local CEQA Workshops.

For the last year I have been the Administrative Vice President / Corporate Secretary on the AEP Board of Officers and Directors, following a two-year term at Director-at-Large. Serving as a Board Officer, I have had the honor of working with various teams dedicated to enhancing member services, making technological improvements, and providing exceptional educational programs such as the CEQA Essentials and Advanced CEQA workshops.

As Executive Vice President I would continue to focus on providing high-quality services to environmental professionals and promoting membership growth and retention. Currently, I am working with other Board members and AEP Management on website improvements that will provide more tools and resources for our members while also making our membership outreach more efficient. I would like to continue that effort but also take on more of a leadership role in the organization.

I am confident that my years of Chapter Board and State Board experience combined with my ability to foster teamwork and collaboration, build enthusiasm, and achieve results make me a good fit for this position.

Name: Konnie Dobreva, JD
Position of Interest: Administrative Vice President/Corporate Secretary

I have been an active member of AEP since 2004 and have served the Orange County Chapter Board in various positions for over 13 years, including as President, Secretary, Membership Liaison and VP of Programs. I am the current Chapter Director. I also had the pleasure of serving on two AEP State Conference Committees, Newport Beach in 2004 and Huntington Beach in 2014, as Conference Co-Chair.

At the Chapter level, my focus as Director has been on coordinating the CEQA Workshops, leading the Corporate Sponsors program benefiting the OC AEP Scholarship (which has distributed over $50,000 to future environmental professionals), and supporting efforts to engage local students with our organization. At the State level, in addition to representing the Chapter at State board meetings, I assisted in previous overhauls of the State AEP website, supported the transition between association management platforms, and edited the AEP CEQA Statute and Guidelines handbook.

Professionally, I have over 19 years of experience as a CEQA project manager and land use planner. I earned a BA, Cum Laude, in Environmental Analysis & Design, with a Minor in Urban & Regional Planning from the University of California, Irvine. I also hold a Juris Doctorate degree from Pepperdine University School of Law, where I specialized in alternative dispute resolution. I am the Director of Environmental Planning with EPD Solutions, Inc. For fun, I enjoy lecturing on CEQA as a panelist for the Advanced CEQA Workshop and the CEQA Essentials Workshop.

I would like to continue and expand my service to AEP as the Administrative Vice President / Corporate Secretary. I believe my years of Chapter and State board experience will benefit the organization, particularly as we gear up to transition association management platforms and update our website. I believe we all greatly benefit from this organization’s dedication to the environmental profession. I ask for your vote to allow me to support it, and those who are volunteering to keep it running smoothly and successfully. Thank you.

Name: Michael Smith
Position of Interest: NAEP Liaison

I am running for the National Association of Environmental Professionals (NAEP) Liaison position on the AEP Board of Directors for two primary reasons:

I have been an active member of both AEP and NAEP for 18 years and my career has been focused on improving the practice of impact assessment, and I view volunteering time and energy to helping improve professional organizations like AEP and NAEP to be a crucial component of those efforts.
I am in an excellent position to serve as an effective liaison and advocate for AEP issues and concerns with NAEP given my active role with AEP coupled with my experience with leadership within NAEP. I currently serve on the AEP Board as the NAEP Liaison, a position I was first elected to in 2015. In this position, I have focused on maximizing AEP member benefits in partnership with NAEP, as explained in more detail below. In addition to my current service, from 2007-2010, I served as an elected At-Large Board of Directors member for NAEP. During this period, NAEP created the current affiliation structure and relationships with the state chapters, including AEP. For all of these reasons, I have in-depth knowledge and a proven track record of both the opportunity for AEP’s affiliation with NAEP to bring real value and benefits to AEP members, as well as the numerous challenges to realizing the full benefits of the partnership.
I have over 20 years of experience working with CEQA and NEPA and am currently a Principal with ENERCON in Oakland. I have managed and prepared NEPA and CEQA analyses for numerous large, complex, and highly controversial projects, including major energy, transportation, water infrastructure projects. I frequently lead training workshops in CEQA and NEPA for AEP and NAEP, as well as the UC Davis Extension Land Use and Natural Resources program. I am a past recipient of a policy fellowship in EPA’s Office of Water and Office of Federal Activities in Washington, DC, and a former Associate Professor of Environmental and Natural Resources Sciences at Humboldt State University.

The primary responsibility of the NAEP Liaison Board member is to advocate for educational, professional development, and related issues that are relevant to California AEP members of NAEP, and for arranging and producing the annual NEPA Essentials workshop program for AEP members. I have served as the lead organizer for these workshops the past three years as part of my NAEP Liaison Board position, and I have participated as one of the lead instructors for the workshop series the past six years. I look forward to using my experience with the development and implementation of this program to assist the Board in improving the value of these workshops for the AEP membership, as well as helping to expand the availability of other useful training and professional development opportunities. A strong partnership and sharing of resources between AEP and NAEP in this area offers tremendous potential to realizing these opportunities.

Although CEQA is the primary focus for a majority of AEP members, many do directly intersect with NEPA in their work. In the current federal administration, NEPA and related federal environmental laws are under arguably the greatest threats to their continued viability and effectiveness in their history. AEP has an important role to play in contributing our unique voice in defending the societal value and benefits of our key environmental laws. I welcome the opportunity to assist AEP members in understanding these national-level developments, proposals, and regulatory/policy changes, and to most effectively communicate the interests and concerns of AEP members and the Board on these issues to the national-level NAEP.

Name: Claudia Garcia
Position of Interest: Director-at-Large

My first experience with the Association of Environmental Professionals (AEP) was as a student volunteer at the 2014 Huntington Beach conference. I was excited to listen and learn from environmental professionals throughout the State and practice my networking skills. The networking events and student panels were especially relevant to me and made a career in the environmental field seem more attainable. In fact, it was this first experience that led to my first position as an environmental planner.

Shortly after settling into my career, as a full-fledged environmental professional, I joined the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter board as the Vice President of Programs for the East Bay. My mission as a new appointee was to ensure that our members had ample opportunity to attend interesting topical workshops and the happiest of happy hours. It was a very rewarding position and it afforded me the opportunity to meet with current members and identify their specific needs so that our events were tailored accordingly. To this day, I continue to assist in the coordination of the CEQA Essentials and Advanced Workshops for the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter. I find these events particularly rewarding because it is a great opportunity to communicate to current members and potential new members about the benefits of joining AEP. Also, I get to choose the food and so far, the reviews have been great!

In addition to my experience with member services, I also worked to develop relationships with student members and non-student member. I routinely attend student chapter events and make it my mission to seek-out student attendees at conferences. As a UC Berkeley alumnus (Go Bears!), I also volunteer at career events geared toward environmental science students to discuss opportunities in the environmental field and the benefits of networking. This past year I also served as a mentor for the UC Berkeley Students of Color Environmental Collective Mentorship Program. The experience was quite rewarding, and I hope to participate again during the next cycle.

My experience on the SF Bay Area Chapter board the past three years has proven quite fruitful and now as I progress in my own career as a professional I would like the opportunity to join the State Board as a Director-at-Large to better serve and give back to the AEP members at a greater level and to continue advancing the goals of the organization. My interest in this position is based on the opportunity to focus on my outreach efforts on reaching new members as well as to members who cannot attend the usual Chapter functions. As a Director-at-Large I would focus my efforts on identifying alternative programs for people to interact with each other and participate in chapter events throughout the State. If elected, I will strive to represent our members, listen to their needs, and provide needed services. Thank you!

Name: Julia Norris
Position of Interest: Director-at-Large

I am a California-based environmental protection specialist with 19 years of experience supporting environmental compliance and impact assessment programs. I have lived in San Diego for the past 10 years and am a senior consultant and program manager with AARCHER, a national environmental consulting and planning firm. I lead evaluations and studies relating to natural resources, solid waste, drinking water, air emissions, and multimedia regulatory compliance. I am experienced in providing environmental impact evaluation, natural resource assessment, and cultural resource consulting services for public and private clients. I am also an instructor for the Aarcher Institute of Environmental Training.

I have held several positions on the San Diego Chapter Board including Chapter Director (2015-2018), Treasurer (2015), Secretary (2013, 2014), and the San Diego Awards Committee (2012). As Chapter Director, I have attended quarterly State Board of Directors meetings since 2015, coordinated annual CEQA and NEPA Workshops, attended monthly chapter luncheons and social functions, and contributed articles to the chapter newsletter. The San Diego Chapter is one of the largest and most active chapters in the state with approximately 300 members and five student chapters. I will bring the enthusiasm and lessons learned from five years on the San Diego Chapter board to this new opportunity as Director-at-Large.

As Chapter Director, I represent the interest of members of the San Diego Chapter. As Director-at-Large, I will represent each member not represented by a sub-chapter, continue the active responsibilities of the outgoing board members, and explore opportunities to further enrich the educational experiences of AEP’s membership.