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2018 Books Available for Purchase

AEP’s CEQA Statute & Guidelines Book is updated annually and provides the following:

- Summaries of relevant legislation and court cases from the previous year
- Notations of authority cited within the CEQA guidelines
- Two indexes (page-based and code section-based) developed and refined by CEQA practitioners

AEP members can expect to receive their complimentary hard copy of AEP’s CEQA Statute & Guidelines Book each February.

Hard copies of the CEQA book will be mailed out the 2nd or 3rd week in February.

2018 CEQA Guidelines PDF

Download the PDF (4.9MB)

Previous Editions

If you are interested in previous versions, please use order form above and clarify that you are seeking a previous version.

2016 - Hard copies of the 2016 CEQA Statute and Guidelines have sold out. Electronic version are still available on flash drive. Place your order by completing the order form and e-mailing to .

2015 – Hard copies of the 2015 CEQA Statute and Guidelines are sold out; however, CDs are still available ($10 for members and $15 for non-members). An electronic version is available for you to review here.

2014 – Hard copies of the 2014 CEQA Statute and Guidelines are available for 50% off ($10 for members and $15 for non-members).


For questions, please contact Lynne Bynder, AEP’s Executive Director.


This is an unofficial copy of the CEQA Statute and Guidelines. While AEP has made every effort to see that this book is accurate, and that no changes have been made to the content of these state documents as a result of reformatting and reprinting, readers should reference official state versions to verify accuracy. Readers should also be aware that some changes in statutes, guidelines, or case law may have gone into effect since the date of publication. This book does not attempt to offer legal advice and readers should consult their own attorney.

AEP wishes to thank ICF Intl for their support of producing our annual CEQA Statute and Guidelines