AEP Code of Ethics

  • I will conduct myself and my work in a manner that will uphold the values, integrity, and respect of the profession.
  • I will uphold the stated intent as well as the letter of environmental policies, laws, and regulations which are adopted by governmental bodies or agencies.
  • I will not engage in, encourage, or condone dishonesty, fraud, deceit, discrimination, or misrepresentation in the solicitation, preparation, or use of work prepared by me or under my direction.
  • I will fully disclose to my employers and my prospective clients any economic or ethical interests which could reasonably be interpreted as a conflict of interest by them or by other affected parties with regard to my professional work.
  • I will ensure a good faith effort at full disclosure, technical accuracy, sound methodology, clarity, and objectivity in the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of environmental information by me or under my direction.
  • I will achieve and maintain the highest level of professional competency, for myself and require the same for those I supervise.