CEQA Flowchart

This flow chart and all the web pages linked to it are intended to merely illustrate the EIR process contemplated by the CEQA Guidelines. These materials on CEQA and other laws are offered by the State of California Resources Agency through AEP for information purposes only. These web pages do not have the force of law or regulation. These web pages should not be cited in legal briefs as the authority for any proposition. In the case of discrepancies between the information provided in this flowchart or contained in the AEP Web Page Set, the language of the CEQA Guidelines (14 Cal. Code Reg. 15000 et seq.) is controlling. The rules, regulations, and statutory references are subject to revision and interpretation. Unless otherwise noted, we make no representation, warranty or claim that the information available on this website is current or accurate. Information contained on this Web Page Set does not offer nor constitute legal advice. You should contact an attorney for guidance on current legal requirements. If you find any errors or omissions, we enourage you to report them to the AEP webmaster.

AEP wishes to thank the Resources Agency for allowing the publication of the CEQA Process Flowchart.

It was created under the direction of the Resources Agency's General Counsel and through the assistance of the McGeorge School of Law Clinical Program. Major contributors to this project include Assistant General Counsels Steve Greene and Matt Francois, and law clerks: Michael Kerr, Roland Ko, Brett Jolley, Chadd Tierney, and Tim Miller.