President's Message

Fall 2020

Happy Fall to you all!

I just wanted to update our members on what AEP has been up to over the last few months.

CEQA turned 50 in September and AEP turned 45! This virtually celebration was celebrated by 100 members and our dynamic speakers: Bob Brown, Terry Rivasplata, Gary Jacobs, Claudia Garcia, Curtis Alling and Jeannie Lee The AEP Birthday celebration featured a discussion of AEP through the years by current AEP President: Bill Halligan and Past Presidents, Brian Mooney, Brian Smith, Gene Talmadge and Devon Muto. In case you missed the celebration, this is available through the AEP website.

Our virtual CEQA Essentials Workshops was recently held in late September and early October. Over 190 environmental professionals were updated on CEQA Basics. In case you missed this virtual program, it is still available for view online.

Unfortunately, we were forced to take our 2020 conference to a virtual platform, however all of our members, sponsors and speakers continued to support AEP with over 350 attendees, 75 speakers and 30+ sponsors & exhibitors. All sessions are recorded and will be available on our website at the conclusion of the conference. We are planning to return to Yosemite for an on-site conference in April of 2022.

We recently updated our 2020 Public Policy Program and distributed to members. This is also available for view on the AEP website.

AEP is pleased to announce that the Board of Directors recently adopted our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Initiative and has distributed this document to members. This first step provides eight (8) actions to support and promote inclusion and diversity within our membership and our profession as a whole. Many thanks to our Directors-at-Large, Marie Campbell and Claudia Garcia, for taking the lead in drafting this extremely important and timely initiative.

I hope that you continue to enjoy and appreciate the benefits and services that AEP provides and the efforts of the Board to keep the organization improving. We strive to keep our members updated with the most current information in the environmental profession as well offer numerous trainings to make your careers more fulfilling and rewarding. All of AEP programs are AICP & MCLE certified.

If you would like to get more involved with AEP, we have many opportunities at the local and state levels. We also welcome input and suggestions. Please do not hesitate to talk any chapter or state board member if you have comments on the organization or questions on involvement.

We appreciate your continued dedication to AEP and thank you for being a member!

William Halligan, Esq.
AEP President

Updated: Nov 10, 2020 by Reid Walley