President's Message

Summer 2020

During these challenging times, I hope you can take time for yourself and appreciate what matters most: family, friends, health and the rewarding career that we all share as environmental professionals.

Our membership is what makes AEP the successful organization that it is today. I would like to take this time to thank each of you for your continued support of our organization and applaud your daily efforts as environmental professionals to protect our planet.

If you are experiencing financial hardship amidst COVID-19 and are interested in finding out more about subsidized member dues, please contact us at We understand that this may be a difficult time for many of our members, and we’d like to do everything we can to help you stay involved with AEP!

To our student members and future prospective student members, AEP is offering a 1-year extension to your current membership. If you are a student and are interested in becoming an AEP member, we will grant you a 1-year sponsored membership. AEP is an excellent networking tool for students, and we strive to provide our student members with the tools needed for success as an environmental professional. For more information or to become a member today, visit our website or contact us at

We are proud of the efforts that the State Board of Directors and local chapters have made to provide our members with educational opportunities amidst COVID-19. Our webinars have been extremely successful, and local chapters’ virtual programs have also been very well-received. In September, we will host a CEQA 50th Anniversary Webinar, CEQA Essentials Webinars and the AEP State Awards Webinar. Visit our website or join our email list for updates on upcoming webinars!

Due to safety concerns amidst COVID-19, AEP has decided to hold our 2020 Conference virtually! The virtual conference will still be held November 8-11, and all sessions will still be offered. We are looking forward to providing attendees with a virtual sponsor and exhibitor showcase as well! For more information regarding our transition to a virtual conference, visit our website.

We hope that you are continuing to benefit from membership with AEP, and that our efforts to provide you with virtual programs amidst COVID-19 are successful. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the member experience at this time, please contact us. Thank you for your continued support of AEP!


William Halligan, Esq.
AEP President

Updated: Aug 11, 2020, by Reid Walley