AEP has an active Legislative Committee which closely tracks and responds to proposed CEQA legislation in order to influence the pending legislation in a positive and meaningful manner. Our Public Policy Program is driven by a set of core values and guiding principles that align with AEP’s mission to enhance, maintain, and protect the quality of natural and human environments. Primary areas of interest include: CEQA, environmental planning and design, environmental regulatory affairs, natural resources management, biological resources conservation, and climate change and sustainability.

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Latest Updates and Reports

May 2018: Assembly Natural Resources Committee - Bill Update
November 2017: Proposed Updates to the CEQA Guidelines and VMT Tech Advisory
September 10, 2017: Bill Report
March 14, 2017: AEP’s Day at the Capitol: AEP’s Legislative and Legal Review Committee meet with key elected officials. View Presentation.

Past Letters and Position Papers

Aug 28, 2017: Opposition letter in response to Assembly Bill 1250 (Jones-Sawyer)
March 18, 2017: Opposition letter in response to SB 649 (Hueso)
November 21, 2016: AEP Letter of Support and Comments to OPR Discussion Draft of Proposed Amendments to CEQA Guidelines Section 15126.2(a) and Consideration of Significant Effects and Hazards in the CEQA Guidelines.
Aug 23, 2016: SB 32 Pavley AEP Floor Alert V2 082216 clean
July 8, 2016: Comments on CARB’s June 17, 2016, 2030 Target Scoping Plan Update Concept Paper
April 25, 2016: Letter of Support for Assembly Bill 1886 (McCarty)
March 30, 2016: AEP suggested amendments to Assembly Bill 1569 (Steinorth)
February 29, 2016: AEP Comments on OPR's January 20, 2016 Revised Proposed Updates to the CEQA Guidelines on Evaluating Transportation Impacts in CEQA
December 18, 2015: AEP Comments on Discussion Draft: Proposed Changes to Appendix G of the CEQA Guidelines Incorporating Tribal Cultural Resources
October 12, 2015: AEP Comments on OPR’s August 11, 2015 Proposed Updates to the CEQA Guidelines
October 12, 2015: AEP Comments to OPR’s Proposed Updates to the CEQA Guidelines
September 4, 2015: CNFF v. SANDAG – Amicus Brief
September 3, 2015: Opposition letter in response to AB 57 (Quirk)
April 7, 2015: Support letter in response to AB 291 (Medina)
April 8, 2015: Support letter in response to SB 122 (Jackson & Hill)
Nov 21, 2014: Comment letter on SB 743 Guidelines
Jun 11, 2014: Opposition letter in response to AB 52 (Gatto)
Jun 11, 2014: Opposition letter in response to AB 543 (Campos)
Aug 30, 2013: Draft Checklist for Supplemental Environmental Reviews prepared by the Enhanced CEQA Action Team
Aug 30, 2013: Recommendations for Updating the State CEQA Guidelines prepared by AEP, California Chapter of the American Planning Association, and the Enhanced CEQA Action Team
Jun 12, 2012: Comments on Revised Proposed Amendments to the CEQA Guidelines for SB 226 Infill Streamlining
Feb 24, 2012: Comments on the Proposed Addition to CEQA Guidelines Implementing SB 226 Infill Streamlining
Sept 2011: Enhanced CEQA Action Team: Legislative Proposals to Enhance Five Key Areas of CEQA
Apr 13, 2011: Opposition letter regarding SB 241, “The CEQA Litigation Protection Pilot program of 2011”
Mar 29, 2011: Comment letter regarding CEQA Reforms Proposed in the Current Budget Negotiations


AEP contracts with a lobbyist for assistance with tracking bills and engaging with the legislature.

Will Gonzalez 
Gonzalez, Quintana & Hunter, LLC 
915 L Street, Suite 1480 
Sacramento, CA 95814 
916.930.0796 (office) 

Matt Klopfenstein
Gonzalez, Quintana & Hunter, LLC
915 L Street, Suite 1480
Sacramento, CA 95814
916.930.0796 (office)