DEI Initiative

While environmental professions focus on the physical environment, embedded in the language of NEPA and CEQA is the presumption that all people should share equally in the ability to enjoy a healthful environment and economic prosperity. AEP recognizes that diversity and inclusion make our organization stronger, and is committed to creating a more sustainable and resilient future for all Californians.

AEP leadership agrees that we cannot be passive. As urban planners and environmental professionals, we are uniquely qualified to bring about positive change in our communities. Our profession has been doing so for decades by tackling issues such as environmental justice, affordable housing, and protecting the natural and built environment for all Californians. To address issues of inequity, AEP has launched a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiative.

AEP is working to shift the culture of the Association so that it not only welcomes all environmental professionals to participate and be fully engaged, but considers how to make environmental professions accessible to all who wish to pursue this noble work.

April 2022 Update: AEP has engaged Castillo Consulting Partners, a community-based consulting firm that is dedicated to empowering diverse leaders to use their voices for systemic change. From strategic planning, research and analysis, to leadership development, diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) assessment, and anti-racism training, Castillo Consulting Partners is highly skilled in guiding their partners through progress toward their goals. La Mikia Castillo, Co-Founder and Principal, will work closely with AEP's DEI Committee and state leadership to establish performance metrics and advance our DEI goals. Click to learn more about La Mikia and Castillo Consulting Partners.