San Francisco Bay Area

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Name: Haley Cahill
Firm: GHD, Inc.
e-mail / phone: / / 510-296-5437

Chapter Director
Name: Steve Noack
Firm: Placeworks
e-mail / phone: / 510-848-3815

Vice President of Programs-North Coast
Name: Bob Brown
Firm: SHN Engineers & Geologists
e-mail / phone: / 707-822-5785

Vice President of Programs-North Bay
Name: Greg Sproull
Firm: WRA
e-mail / phone: / / 415-524-7530

Vice President of Programs-San Francisco
Name: Caitlin Schroeder
Firm: Stantec.
e-mail / phone: / 628-249-2575

Vice President of Programs-East Bay
Name: Josh Carman
Firm: PlaceWorks
e-mail / phone: / 510-848-3815

Vice President of Membership
Name: Rachel Carnes
Firm: WRA
e-mail / phone: / 510.296.0534

Name: Jasmin Mejia
Firm: Jacobs
e-mail / phone: / 510-205-1337

Name: Lily Bostrom
Firm: Ascent Environmental
e-mail / phone: / 831-345-3793

Student Outreach Director
Name: Emilie Wolfson
Firm: Urban Planning Partners
e-mail / phone: / 510.251.8210

Student Scholarship Coordinator
Name: Karly Kaufman
Firm: Rincon Consultants
e-mail / phone: / 510-671-0179

Co-Legislative Representative
Name: Nisha Chauhan
Firm: Nisha Chauhan Environmental Planning
e-mail / phone: / 415-710-6911

Co-Legislative Representative
Name: Sarah Owsowitz
Firm: Best & Krieger, LLP
e-mail / phone: / 415-606-7570

Co-Director of Communications
Name: Angie Xiong
Firm: Ascent Environmental
e-mail / phone: / 916.606.1586

East Bay CEQA Workshop Coordinator
Name: Sean Anayah
Firm: PlaceWorks / 510.848.3815

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