IAIA Association

We are very excited to share that California AEP now has a strategic alliance with the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA). IAIA is the leading global network on the best practice in the use of impact assessment for informed decision making regarding policies, programs, plans, and projects. Through its activities, it provides an international forum for advancing innovation and communication of best practices in all forms of impact assessment to further the development of local, regional, and global capacity in impact assessment.

About IAIA and the IAIA-AEP Affiliation

Founded in 1981 in North America as a nonprofit international educational association, IAIA now has members in 120 countries. It has wide-reaching influence on a global scale. However, to further service impact professionals in local and regional areas, IAIA recognizes and encourages formal associations with organizations like California AEP that share similar objectives.

These objectives include:
  • promoting and enhancing the quality of environmental impact assessment
  • promoting academic exchange and professional training
  • exchanging the latest information on impact assessment
As we pursue these similar objectives, this formal association assures support and cooperation between the two parties.

IAIA Events and Annual Conference

You can learn more about IAIA and their annual conference, regional symposia, and other events by visiting their website: www.iaia.org.

Questions about the IAIA-California AEP Association

The IAIA-California AEP Association is in effect until March 2019. For questions, please contact David Wolff, AEP Channel Counties Chapter Director.